Hey art lovers, it's David R. Daniels, the Clearview Kid here. And I've taken control of Cousin Reeko's website again.  
You probably think all these scrapshot things you're being shown by Ori (short for Originaldo) are just a bunch of wishful thinking. Yeah, sure, the placement scrapshots are my uncolorful and unappreciated cousin's digital daydreams to one extent or another.  But that don't mean Ori's oils haven't been really well-received in the real world by some really special people.  I was with Ori just a few days ago when he went to get his first look at where his Lincoln painting is hanging at his alma matter, Ladue High Scool in St. Louis.

And here are three totally unfooled-with photos I took with my duly registered Nikon N2000 (using Kodak Royal 1000 film purchased and developed at the St. Louis K-Mart on Page at I-170).

If you strain your eyeballs real hard, you'll notice on the nameplate below and to the right that they engraved "by Richard, Sparky, and Pip Krause," as Reeko requested. The Principal didn't make it as big as Reeko's name (Richard Krause) on the line right below it, but I suppose nobody's perfect...'cept some of us country boys.




Hey, I say the real place is better than Reeko's make-believe place. Sorry to hurt your feelin's, Ori. Hats off to the fine folks at Ladue Horton Watkins. I say it's a grand and appropriate place for "The Linc."  You think Abe would want to be hung up in some glitzey gallery or museum with all the hobknobbers gawkin' at hisself?  No.  He's right at home in Ladue's library, overseein' the kids read and write and cipher and maybe even socialize just a tad bit once in a great while. Kudos to you kids, young and old, at Ladue who have made my cousin Ori smile real peaceful-like for the first time in a long, long time.

   My microwave just sounded off that my Salisbury Gourmets are ready to be ingested so I reluctantly return control of the website to my city cousin back in Missouri.  But, as my Uncle Doug said more than once after he departed the Phillipines, "I shall return, small shots."


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